A guy is at the pub drinking

A guy is at the pub drinking. At the end of the night he decides to go home but when

he tries to get off the stool he falls and faceplants on the floor. He tries to pull himself

up but just can’t. “Geez I haven’t been this drunk in ages” he thinks.

He manages to crawl to the exit thinking some fresh air will help him. No success.

Since he lives two blocks away he decides “fuck it, I’ll just crawl all the way home”.

He manages to get home, pulls himself by the door handle, unlocks the door and falls

inside. He manages to pull himself all the way to the bedroom and climbs in the bed.

The next morning his wife is pretty pissed “you were absolutely drunk last night!”

-No, no, what makes you say that?

-The pub called, you left your wheelchair