A lizard is walking through the jungle

A lizard is walking through the jungle As he’s walking, he catches a whiff of marijuana burning. He looks up and sees a monkey smoking a fat blunt in a tree.

“Hey, are you blazing it up there without me?” said the lizard.

“Come on up here and hit it with me, man,” said the monkey.

The lizard and the monkey smoke weed for several hours, and eventually the lizard’s mouth gets dry. He excuses himself, climbs down the tree, and heads for the river to

get a drink. As the lizard is drinking, a crocodile pops out of the water.

The croc says “Whoa, man, you looked stoned to the bone. Where can I get the good stuff?”

“My monkey friend in that tree over there can hook you up,” said the lizard.

The crocodile heads over to the tree and says, “Hey! Down here!”

The monkey looks down and says “Whoa, holy shit dude, how much water did you drink?”