A local man is very excited to see the magic

With the circus in town a local man is very excited to see the magic show and rushes

down to the big top. He reaches the gates just as the circus is closing for the day but

manages to buy a ticket and hurriedly runs into the tent.

“Where’s the magic show?”, he breathlessly asks one employee.

The lady replies that she just saw the magician in the back packing up his bags for the

day and without wasting a minute, the man rushes back to see the show. He races

into the room only to find the magician ready to leave.

“I’m here for the magic show”, the guy tells the magician.

“Sorry pal, come back tomorrow I’m going home.” replies the magician.

“Look”, says the man, “I just paid good money to come in and see a magic show and

that’s what I expect!”

Visually annoyed, the magician tells him, “Buddy, I’ve been here all day and I’d like to go home and see my wife and kids.”

With that, the customer becomes more irate and demands that he be shown at least one magic trick.

“Ok, you want to see a magic trick?!”, the magician asks. “Pull down your pants.”
The man looks skeptical but does as he’s told.

“Now bend over and grab your ankles.” As he does the magician walks behind him and the man flinches. “There,” asks the magician, “Can you feel my finger in your ass?”
The man winces and replies, “Yeah.”

The magician holds both of his hands over the guy’s back, wiggles his fingers in front of his face and shouts, “Ta-Dah.”