A long time ago a boy was born with a hair lip

A long time ago a boy was born with a hair-lip and the doctor said he was odd. His parents were struggling to come up with a name and remembered what the doctor

said, so they wrote down Odd. The clerk shared his name with the nurses and they all got a great big giggle out of it. The said, “what an Odd baby.”

Growing up was hard for Odd. Teachers looked at him as odd, kids rejected his for being Odd and he got bullied a lot. He had trouble dating as it was pre Alphabet days

which is cool now, but he didn’t fit in then, but I’m sure today he “couldn’t even”.

He finally graduated from school and took on “odd jobs”. He found that as hard as he tried he could only even get half of the jobs he bid on. He made Odd curio cabinets,

Odd cabinets, Odd bookshelves, etc. Odd things were strange then, but now we have even “Stranger Things”.

He finally found an Old Maid that put up with his Odd ways and Odd speech and got married. Years later he was looking back at things and gave his wife an odd request.

He wasn’t really sure why his parents had given him that name but it had caused him problems all his life and he never liked it. “Honey, you know that I have never liked

being called Odd?” “Of course”, she replied, “I’ve seen how you’ve hated your name over the years.”

“Well I want you to do me a favor.” he told her. “I’ve had to deal with this name all my life and out of respect for my parents I never changed it but I’ll be darned if I’m going

to have this name when I die. When my day comes and you bury me just don’t put anything but the year I was born, a dash, and the year I die on my headstone.” His wife

agreed and they went about their lives for several more years before the man finally passed away. The wife honored his request and had a headstone with only the years

and a dash placed on his grave.