A man calls the police and reports

A man calls the police and reports that his girlfriend has gone missing

A male and a female police officer turn up at his house and begin to interview him.

The female officer asks the man if he has any theories on where she might be. The

man responds with “This is going to sound weird but I think she disappeared into the magic coffee table”

The officers look confused and ask him to elaborate. “It’s really strange but whenever I

leave things on this coffee table they disappear and reappear somewhere else. When I

leave take away containers on it they disappear and reappear in the trash. When I

leave dirty plates and mugs on it, they disappear and reappear in the cupboards

washed, dried and stacked neatly and even when I leave my dirty clothes on it they

disappear! and reappear cleaned and neatly folded on my bed” The female police

officer looks at the man and says “Oh my god, you’re an idiot. No wonder your girlfriend has

left you.” And the male officer says “I don’t think she’s left him. I think he’s right. I’ve

got the same coffee table at my house”