A man is in Vegas where he lost

A man is in Vegas where he lost all of his money so he can’t pay for a cab to return to the airport.

He sees a cab and begs the driver to give him a free ride to the airport but the cab driver declines.

The next year the man returns to Vegas and get filthy rich when he decides to leave for the airport.

There is a huge line of cabs, and at the very end of this line was the very driver who never gave him a ride the previous year.

The man walks up to the front cab “Excuse me, sir if you give me a free ride to the airport I’ll let you give me a handjob.”

The driver declines immediately.
The man then asks all the drivers in this line the same thing.

When he gets to the last driver, he pays the fee and the cab driver begins moving,

when he moved by the line, the man puts two thumbs up through the window so all the other drivers could see.