A milkman is dying in the hospital

A milkman is dying in the hospital. He’s surrounded by his two sons, his daughter, his wife, and a nurse. He turns to his family and says:

“Peter, my eldest, I leave you the villas in Beverly Hills. Samantha, my beautiful daughter, to you I give the apartments in Los Angeles Plaza. Charlie, my youngest son,

I see a long and bright future in you, so I leave the city center offices to you. And my dear wife, the three residential towers in downtown are all yours.”

The nurse hears all of this and is impressed at the man’s sizeable fortune. She turns to the wife and says, “Ma’am, your husband must be very rich to be bequeathing so

many properties. You all are so lucky.”

The wife retorts, “Rich? Lucky? Are you kidding me? He’s a milkman. He’s giving us his routes.”