Betty and Martin were about to get married

Betty and Martin were about to get married. Just before the wedding, they were

tragically killed in a car crash.

When they arrived at the gates of heaven they explained to St. Peter that they were

about to be married on earth, and that now they would very much like to be married in heaven.

St. Peter said, ‘Betty and Martin you are a deserving couple, wait here in the reception

room.‘ He was gone for several months then at last, St Peter returned.

Martin said, ‘We’ve been thinking as we were waiting here, eternity is a long time to be married’.

Betty chipped in, ‘We were wondering, if the marriage did not work you arrange for a divorce?’

St. Peter was exasperated, and then said ‘Look! It took me 6 days to find a priest up here in heaven.

‘How long do you think it would take me to find a lawyer up here’?