Three couples want to join a church

Three couples want to join a church, so they each walk in and talk to the pastor. The

pastor replies to their inquiry, “To prove you are a valuable member of the clergy I

want you to commit to three months of abstinence to show your commitment to the

church.” The couples agree and go on their way to prove their faith.

Three months later the couples return to the church and meet with the pastor. The

pastor asks about their challenge, to which the first couples wife says, “We did it! We

can’t wait to be a part of the church!” “Welcome to the church!” Replies the pastor,

“How about you guys?” He says to the second couple. The husband replies, “Well it

was really difficult these last few days, but we pulled through for the good of the

church!” “Welcome to the church!” The pastor replies again. “And you?” He gestures to

the final couple. The husband hangs his head and says, “Well we almost made it, but

two days ago, my wife dropped a frozen pizza and bent over in front of me to pick it

up and I just lost it and couldn’t hold out any longer.” The priest, mildly shocked,

replies, “I’m sorry, but you aren’t welcome in this church.” The husband shrugs and

says, “That’s OK, we aren’t welcome in Safeway either.”