Three guys enter a restaurant

Three guys enter a restaurant. They heard that in this particular restaurant, the waiter would sing their customer a little song every time they give out their order.

Hearing this, the guys each make their order. Then, after waiting a while, the waiter arrives with one of the firest guy’s food and a little song to accompany it.

“Hello fellow customer, grab your knife and fork, be sure to give your finest tip to the man who pulled your pork~” He sang, before serving the man his pulled pork.

Then, after a few minutes the waiter returned with the second order.

“Greeting dear customer, I’ll be sure to keep this brief, give your compliments to the men who roast your beef~” He sang, serving the man his roast beef.

However, before the waiter could leave, he is stopped by the third man, who makes him a request.

“Can you… cancel my order?” He asked.

“Certainly, what did you order?” The waiter replied.

“The pea soup.”