Two bums are sitting

Two bums are sitting talking.
The first one starts bragging, “Today was the best day ever!

This morning I found a brand new pack of smokes just sitting on the ground.

So you know what I did? I sat and smoked every fucking one of them… had the best day ever.”

The second bum just laughs,
“That’s nothing, today I was walking along the rail road tracks and I found this girl

laying on the tracks.
You know what I did?

I fucked her all day long.”
The other bum interrupts, “Bull!

You didn’t do it all day long did you?”, the other continues, “Well, no but it was for at least a few good hours, best day of my life.”

The first bums asks, “So did she give you a good blowjob?”
The other replies no.

“How could you possibly be getting busy with this girl for hours, and she doesn’t even give you a blow job?”

To which the other replies, “How could she? She didn’t have a head!”