Two couples are playing cards at the table

Two couples are playing cards at the table, and someone accidentally knocks them to

the floor. One of the men goes under the table to pick up the cards, and as he looks

up he can see up his friend’s wife’s dress and that she isn’t wearing any underwear.

Blushing coming up from the table, he sets the cards down and they continue to play.

A little while later while going to get a drink from the fridge, the other wife

approaches him and asks, “When you were looking for the cards, did you find

anything to your liking?”

Awkwardly, he replies, “Actually yes, I did.”

“If you’d like some more, show up tomorrow at 1 pm and bring 100$. You can like it a

little more then.”, she whispers to him.

He kindly agrees and the next day he shows up at 1 pm with 100$. He hands her the

money and they proceed to have at each other, in every conceivable way, for several

hours. After the deed is done, he leaves the house.

Holding the money in her hand, the phone rings 10 minutes later. It’s her husband,

“Hey, did Mike come by today at around 1 pm?”

Ashamed and a little frightened, she says, “Uh, yes he did.”

“Did he happen to give you 100$?”, he replies promptly.

Her heart sinks, “Y-y-yes, he did.”

“Ah, ok. Good. He came by earlier and asked to borrow 100$. He said he’d drop it off

at the house today at 1 pm”