Two young kids were messing around on an overpass

Two young kids were messing around on an overpass…
…they had tied a brick to a rope and were dangling it down from the bridge in front of cars.

Dropping it down in front of the car’s windshield and pulling it up out of the way just before the car would hit it.

Over and over, they pulled this prank and were causing drivers to swerve and slam on their

brakes. Laughing each time as they pulled the rope and brought the brick safely above the cars.

One of them said “Look here comes a semi! let’s scare him real good”

So the other kid waited till the semi was very close and dropped the brick down right at the

last second. Unfortunately it was too close and the brick hit the semi, jerking the rope so hard

that it ripped off the kids arm.

There was a huge pile-up, an ambulance showed up and the police talked to everybody to

figure out what happened. Eventually, they took the truck driver away in handcuffs and

witnesses were stunned. They told the cops “The kids are the ones that caused it, what are you

arresting the trick driver for?”

The police replied…..

“Armed robbery”