A farmer was on his way to bed when his wife

A farmer was on his way to bed when his wife said he had forgotten to turn off the light in the garage.

The garage was adjacent to the house and the farmer opened the back door to go

and turn it off, but suddenly discovered that there were people outside who were breaking in.

He called the police, who asked if someone had entered the house.

He said no. The police replied that all the police cars were busy and therefore advised

him to lock all the doors and that they would send a car when one became available.

OK, said the farmer, hung up, and counted to thirty. Then he called the police again.

“hey, I just called about someone breaking into the garage. Now you don’t have to come, because I have shot them”

Then he hung up.

Within minutes, 6 police cars, a helicopter, a fire truck, and two ambulances were on the scene. They caught the thieves in the act.

One of the policemen went up to the farmer and said, “Didn’t you say you shot them?”

The farmer replied: “- and I think you said you didn’t have any police patrols available…”