A hillbilly with a glass eye bought a mule

A hillbilly with a glass eye bought a mule. He lived on top of a mountain and was tired of walking into town. The first time he rode the mule to go to town the mule the mule wouldn’t

walk forward. The mule just backed up, so the hillbilly just rode to town backwards. The second time he started down the mountain the mule once again just backed up but this time he didn’t

respond to and commands and was backing towards the edge of the trail which dropped off a hundred feet. The hillbilly with his foot stuck in the stirrup kept shouting at the mule to stop,

pulling on the reins only made the mule keep backing to the edge. Soon he was at the edge with one hoof about to take that final step.

When the hillbilly related the story to his friends they asked how’d you stop him, what happened?

The hillbilly said, I reached back, lifted his tail and stuck my glass eye in his ass and said “look where you’re going.”