A lady walks in a park with her dog – Funny Story

A lady walks in a park with her dog, Fifi It’s quiet, the dog is behaving, so the lady lets her off the leash.

Suddenly, as the dog is some twenty meters away, a huge mutt rushes out of the bushes and starts screwing her.

Horrified, the lady shouts:

“Fifi, Fifi, come back here!”

Fifi ignores her, the mutt continues his business.

“Fifi, Fifi, get away from this monster!”

Once again, zero response, the dogs keep at it.

The lady opens her purse and pulls out a dog treat.

“Fifi, Fifi, a cookie for you! Want a cookie?”

A gentleman passing by takes the scene is and calmly says:

“Ma’am… would you have stopped because of a cookie?”