A traffic policeman found a car driving – Funny Story

A traffic policeman found a car driving along the highway at

a speed of 22m/h, so the policeman drove the car to stop

it on the side of the road. He saw five old ladies sitting in the car,

two in the front seat and three in the back seat, and the three in the back seat were

pale. The old lady driving the car asked the policeman with a confused look on her

face: “Officer, I am not speeding.” The policeman said: “Madam, you are

not speeding, but driving too slowly will also bring danger to other cars.” “Too slow?!”

The old lady said, “But I saw that sign said ’22’!” The policeman held back his laughter

and explained: “22 is the highway number.” The old lady thanked the policeman for

pointing out her mistake, and the policeman asked again: “Are the people in the car

okay? Why are they shaking so badly?” The old lady said:

“No, we just got off Highway 119.”