A woman that was expecting twins starts

A woman that was expecting twins starts going into labor a month early She calls her husband, who is out of town on a work trip, to tell him that the babies are coming early.

“Honey, everything is going to be okay. I’ll call my brother, Bubba. He can take you to the hospital and stay with you until I get there. I’m headed back now.”

The husband calls Bubba. “Shore thing, I can take ‘er,” says Bubba.

After frantically changing his flight, checking out of his hotel, and making apologies to everyone whose meeting he has to cancel, the husband is on a flight home within a few hours.

While in the air, he is unable to receive any updates, so he immediately calls when he lands.

“She’s doin’ great, but I reckon the kids will be out before you get here. I can’t believe I’m gonna be an uncle!”

The husband makes a mad dash out of the airport, abandoning his luggage, and grabs a taxi to the hospital. He runs into the hospital, finds his wife’s room, and goes in to find Bubba smiling and his wife fast asleep.

“How did she do? What’s going on? Where are my kids?”

“Aww, well she’s plum tuckered out after pushin’ them wee babes out. The nurses took the babes… a boy and a girl!… to the Nick-you to check ‘em out. They needed names for ‘em,

though, so I had to name ‘em before they took ‘em back!”

After a few moments of being dumbstruck, the husband finally asked, “Well, what did you name them?”

“Well, I named the girl Denise.”

(well, that’s a not so bad, the husband thought). “Oh, okay, nice. What about the boy?”