Glen in bed with another woman

Donna arrived home from work early one day and found her husband, Glen in bed

with another woman.

“That’s it!” she shouted, “I’m leaving and I’m not coming back!”

“Wait honey,” Glen pleaded, “Can’t you at least let me explain?”

“Fine, let’s hear your story,” Donna replied.

“Well, I was driving home when I saw this poor young lady sitting at the side of the

road, barefoot, torn clothes, covered in mud and sobbing,” explained Glen.

“I immediately took pity on her and asked if she would like to get cleaned up. She got

into the car and I brought her home. After she took a shower, I gave her a pair of the

underwear that doesn’t fit you anymore, the dress that I bought you last year that you

never wore, the pair of shoes you bought but never used and even gave her some of

the turkey you had in the refrigerator but didn’t serve to me.”

“Then,” Glen continued, “I showed her to the door and she thanked me. As she was

walking down the step, she turned around and asked me, ‘Is there anything else your

wife doesn’t use anymore?’”