There are three women

There are three women. One is dating, one is engaged, and one is married. They

decide to get kinky with their men and really pull out all the stops to make it extra

special. The woman who is dating says, “Okay, so I bought black leather, red lipstick,

fishnet stockings, and really got crazy. He loved it so much he thinks he’s in love.” The

woman who is engaged says, “I showed up to his work after hours wearing only a red

coat. Let’s just say he wants to move the wedding date up!” The woman who is

married says, “Okay, I really went all out. I got a babysitter for the kids, and bought a

black mask and a whip. My husband gets home, goes straight to the fridge, and grabs

a beer. Then he plops down on the couch and says, ‘Hey Batman! Where the is