Three men are out on the golf course

Three men are out on the golf course. The first tees off and slices the ball straight into the water hazard. The second man is like, “Oof, tough luck, Moses!”

Moses replies, “No worries.” He walks over, waves his driver at the water, and it parts. He finds his ball and plays on.

The second guy tees off and also hits it right in the water. Moses laughs and says, “Haha, didn’t learn anything, did you, Jesus?”

Jesus laughs, walks out over the water, finds his ball, and plays through.

The third man tees off. His ball slices straight toward the water, but before it breaks the surface, an enormous fish jumps out of the water and swallows the ball. As the fish

is about to land, an eagle swoops down and scoops the fish up in its talons. The eagle swoops out, but drops the fish a moment later. It lands, and the ball rolls out of its

mouth… straight into the hole.

Moses looks at Jesus and says, “Man. I hate playing golf with your dad.”