Women were sitting together on a park

Three elderly women were sitting together on a park bench when an elderly man started to walk by.

“Excuse me, but we can guess your age,” one of them said to him.

He stopped, intrigued. “How can you guess my age?” he asked them.

“Well,” one lady explained, “you’ll have to drop your pants and your underwear.”

A little embarrassed but still intrigued, he unzips his pants and drop his trousers and his boxers.

“Now turn around,” one says, so he complies, rotating full 360 degrees.

“Now jump up and down 3 times.”. He complies.

“You’re 87!” all three women exclaim at the same time.

Perplexed and amazed at their correct answer, he gasps, “how could you know that?!”

“Simple,” one says.

“We were at your birthday party yesterday.”.