A guy was dating a rich girl and after things got serious

A guy was dating a rich girl and after things got serious between them, she invited him to have dinner with her parents.

The guy was nervous and went binge drinking with his friends the night before.

The next day, the guy pulled up to this huge mansion and was greeted by a butler, who led him to the dining room through a maze of hallways.

He nervously introduced himself to the girls’ parents and they set out to have dinner after exchanging pleasantries. As the dinner progressed, his anxiety paired with the drinking the

night before finally got to him… he needed to take a shit real bad.

He somehow held it together till the dinner was over and then excused himself to use the bathroom, before they retired to the father’s library for cigars and brandy.

As he roamed the hallways looking for a bathroom, 5 mins went by and he realized he was completely lost and that he was not going to be able to hold it together any longer.

As a desperate measure, he ducked into a small room that was open….proceeded to take his sock out and taking a shit in his sock. After wiping himself with the other sock, he now needed

to dispose of the waste.

The room had a small window overlooking the woods. He swung the sock over his head and threw it far into the woods.

As he was putting his shoes back on, he smelt shit…. he checked his hands, but they were clean… so when he looked around, he noticed that there was shit on the ceiling. He realized

that the sock had a hole in it and the shit must have splattered on the wall when he swung it over his head.

Now he was even more anxious. He cracked the door to room and peeped out. Luckily, he saw the butler walking by. He called the butler over and showed him the shit on the ceiling..

Guy : I will give you 50 dollars to clean this before someone finds out.

Butler (looking at the ceiling) : I will give YOU 100 dollars if you tell me how you took a shit on the ceiling!!