A liquor store owner is sweeping up

A liquor store owner is sweeping up after a long day and a nun from the local church enters the store. She begins to look around rather sheepishly.

The store owner offers some help. “Pardon me sister, can I help you find something?”

Yes sir she replies, ” I need a bottle of whiskey.” Confused himself, the owner asks, ” but I

thought you weren’t allowed to consume alcohol sister…” She replied, ” It’s not for me, is for

the Mother Superior. She’s rather constipated you see and I’m hoping this will help.”

The store owner even more confused helps her pick out a bottle that’s not too big.

He also lets her know it’s not a real cheap whisky so it won’t really hurt the old tummy…

He wraps it in paper, places the bottle in the bag and hands it to the nun. As she reaches for her pocket in order to pay, the store owner declares, “No ma’am, this is on the house.

Anything for the Mother Superior. Consider it a gift.” The nun crosses herself and blessed the store owner, she quickly left the store and headed for the church.

The store owner closes up shop and starts his short walk home. On his way he passes the church where he sees the young nun absolutely shitfaced,

dancing nak and the cathedral lawn, wearing nothing but her habit.

The store owner scolds the nun yelling, “You should be ashamed of yourself.

You said that the Mother Superior was constipated and that this was to help her”.

As the nun continues dancing, doing lewd dance moves on the flag pole, she remarks…

“On the contrary good sir, she’s really stopped up…

And when she sees me… She is GOING TO SHIT!!!!!