A man and his pig walk into a bar

A man and his pig walk into a bar. The pig has three good legs, and one wooden leg.

“Now there’s a story,” says the barman. “I’ll give you a free beer if you tell me about the pig.”

“Pig’ll ‘ave a beer too,” says the farmer.

The barman agrees, and after downing half the tankard, the farmer says, “Now, this ‘ere pig, ‘es a good pig. Faithful, loyal, better at ‘erding sheep than a dog, says me. Now I’ll tell you, we

were out in the ute, and a tyre blew. Skidded off the track, and the truck rolled.

“Now, I were stuck upside down and injured, like, but pig could get out. ‘e crawled out of the window, trotted three mile over hill and through creek to get me wife, so ‘e did. And when the

ambulance arrived, pig trotted all three mile back to get them to me. Is a good pig, so ‘e is. Saved me life, I reckon.”

The barman is suitably impressed, but says “That’s a hell of a story mate, but that doesn’t explain the wooden leg.”

“Oh that!” exclaims the farmer. “Oh, well, like I said, pig saved my life. An’ a pig like that, well, you don’t eat ‘im all at once do yer!”