A man goes to prison for robbery

A man goes to prison for robbery.

After getting sorted, processed, and settled, it’s lights out and he gets ready to sleep.

After a few minutes he hears someone yell out “Forty Six!” and the whole cell block

erupts in laughter. A few more moments pass and someone else calls out “Sixteen!”

and again, the whole cell block starts laughing. This goes on for some time, people

calling out numbers and everyone laughing at it. Eventually he leans to the side and

asks his cellmate, “What’s with the numbers?”

“Well, we’ve all been here so long that we’ve told each other all of our jokes. After

awhile, we just numbered them, and now you yell out the number and everyone

knows what it is and laughs.”

“That’s pretty smart,” the man replies, “Can I give it a try?”

“Sure,” says his cellmate, “just yell out any number between 1 and 100.”

The man yells out, “Sixty Eight!”





You can hear crickets chirping.

He turns to his cellmate and cries out, “What gives!? Are these jokes not funny?”

Without looking up, his cellmate shrugs and replies, “Eh, some can tell em’ and some


My uncle passed away yesterday. He was the jokester, and in honor of his memory I

thought I’d share one of my favorite jokes that he ever told me. I hope you guys enjoy

it too.