A man pulls into a motel late at night

A man pulls into a motel late at night

He goes to the office and the clerk asks, “what can I do for you?” The man says, “well, I

just got married and we’d like a room by the lake.”

“Oh, well congratulations,” the clerk said. “I’ll give you a nice cabin by the lake.” He

gives the man the keys and directs him to a cabin. He watches as the man drives to

the cabin, unloads his luggage, and goes into the cabin with his new bride. A few

minutes later, the man emerges from the cabin and starts fishing in the lake.

The man fishes until the sun comes up and the clerk is somewhat bewildered and

walks out to where the man is fishing. “Morning,” he says, “catch anything?” The man

shakes his head no and the clerk goes on, “I couldn’t help but notice that you’re a

newlywed and yet you spent the night fishing. Shouldn’t you be in your cabin

expressing your love for your new bride?”

“Well, I would,” says the man, “but my wife has gonorrhea.”

“Oh, I see,” the clerk says. “Well, there are other ways to show your love. She could

satisfy you orally.”

“She can’t,” the man says, “because my wife has pyorrhea.”

“Well, there’s always the back door,” the clerk says.

“Can’t do that,” the man says, “my wife has diarrhea.”

“Hmm,” the baffled clerk says. “Let me get this straight. Your wife has gonorrhea,

pyorrhea and diarrhea. Why did you marry her?”

“I like to fish, and my wife’s got worms.”