A man wanted a complex tattoo

A man wanted a complex tattoo.This man wanted a tattoo in the shale of a Phoenix with every single part of it a different shade of red, now obviously most would think

this is impossible just like the people in his town. So then he traveled to Italy met some people and after a few weeks asked about the nearest tattoo parlor they gave

him directions and he went in and asked. After he was done he got laughed at by everyone so defeated he went to the airport was about to go back but his

subconscious told him, “you’ve already gotten this far, don’t give up.” The man thought this was good advice so he traveled to Russia the same thing happened then

Switzerland and history repeated itself from the U.S.A. to the middle east to England and everywhere he went. Finally as he was down on his luck and to his last $103.41 he

went into debt to get a ticket to Spain where he gambled himself out of debt and up to $47.46 after paying back the debt. Now he went to the tattoo parlor and the owner

kicked him out when she saw the man’s wallet. He went back to the casino and lost $14 then won $19 then lost $1203 then gained 4089$ finally he went back to the

tattoo parlor and magically after 58 hours his tattoo was done. The biggest surprise was he never expected Spain could fo it! After all noone expects the Spanish ink