A runaway man from prison

A runaway man from prison that was sentenced for life, has stayed in for 25 years.

While trying to find a place to hide, he enters a newlywed’s house, ties the man in a

chair in a corner of the room and ties the woman in the bed.

He climbs on the bed, on top of the woman and appears to be kissing her neck.
Then he gets up and leaves the room.

Immediately the husband drags his chair up to the bed and whispers to his wife: “My

love, this man hasn’t seen a woman for many years. I saw him kissing your neck and

rushing out. Just play nice with him and do as he asks you to. If he wants to have

with you just agree and pretend that you like it. Whatever you do, don’t go against his

will and upset him. Both our lives are at your hands right now, be strong and remember that I love you.”

As soon as the half woman recovers from the shock of what she just heard, she

says: “Honey, I feel very relieved that you see it this way. You are right, this man has

not seen a woman for years but he wasn’t kissing my neck. He was whispering to me.

He said that he finds you very cute and asked me if we have Vaseline in the bathroom! Be strong and remember that I love you too!”