A small family of three booked a flight

A small family of three booked a flight to Kansas They arrived at the airport several hours early.

As he was only four years old and this was his first experience with this sort of thing, the son was constantly wandering off.

Several times, the father had to chase him down, pick him up, and haul him back to their seats at the flight gate.

After a while, he grew tired of this and told the child, “If you wander off again, I’m going to check you with the rest of the luggage.”

Sure enough, wander off is exactly what the child did. So this time, the father picked him up and carried him over to the gate attendant.

“Sir, I don’t think I can allow you to check your own child,” they told him.

The father frowned at this, then asked, “What, are you telling me I’ll have to carry on my wayward son?”