A young city lawyer heads to a small town

A young city lawyer heads to a small town. In a Bible-belt state, a young lawyer heads from the big city to a small, rural town where he’ll be trying his first case solo over the

course of a couple of weeks.

During the first week, he gets friendly with a pretty, young waitress about his age at the local diner across from the courthouse, where he eats every lunch and dinner while

he’s there. The next week, he spends every evening with her after his post-dinner trial

prep. And the night before the end of his trial, she stays the night with him.

He wins his trial, packs up his car, and has his last meal at the diner before he heads back home. He and the girl exchange numbers and say their awkward goodbyes.

A year later, the lawyer’s business brings him back to that same small town after absolutely no contact between them either way. As he’s walking down the sidewalk

toward the courthouse, someone familiar is walking toward him, pushing a stroller with twins. After they exchange a hug and hellos, the lawyer notices that the twin boys

in the stroller bear a striking resemblance to himself.

The young man asks, “Areā€¦are these my children?”

The young woman replies, “Yes. They do have your eyes, don’t they.” (more of a statement than a question)

The man says, “Why didn’t you call? I would have helped. We could have gotten married.”

“Well,” the girl says, “I talked to my mamma and daddy about it. And I talked to my preacher about it. And they all agreed that it’d be better to have two bastards in the family than a lawyer.”