A young man knocks on a couples door

A young man knocks on a couples door late one evening.

It’s cold, it’s wet, the husband opens the door, most displeased about being disturbed

so late.

The young man asks “could you give us a push?”

The husband replies “it’s 3am, it’s – 2 outside, push yourself” and slams the door in his


The husband gets into bed, and his wife asks “who was that?!”

“oh some young lad that said he needs a push. He’s young and strong, he can do it


The wife replies “oh love, remember when we broke down a couple of months ago, we

would’ve done anything for a push to the garage, come on, do a good deed and help

the poor chap.”

Feeling guilty, the husband gets out of bed, puts on his dressing gown and goes

outside. He looks up and down the street, but can’t see a broken down car, or anyone

in sight.

The man calls out” hello? Do you still need a push? I’ll give you a hand… Where are you?! “

From the play park across the street, the young man calls out to him

“I’m over here on the swing!”

Edit: I just got reminded of this, and needed to share before bed. Didn’t think it’d get

any attention but as long as a couple of people saw it and did a sharp exhale through

their nose, that would be all that mattered. Thanks for the awards! My first ever, so thank you.

This was actually one of my dad’s jokes he told me, one of the cleaner ones from my

childhood. He passed 5 years ago and I’m sure he would’ve taken great pleasure in

hearing you all groan at the punchline.