My son got me with the oldest one

My son got me with the oldest one in the book and I’m so proud.

My little guy is 3 and a half and normally his grandpa does childcare for us 3 days a

week while I work from home. My dad wasn’t feeling well so I told him to stay home,

I’ll put in sick and hang out with little guy today. Daddy and buddy movie day on the

couch as soon as we get our chores done!

So my little guy helped me take out the garbage and recycling, take the cans to the

curb and water the lawn. It was still early-ish morning but where I live it’s already hot

by 10am and the humidity is typically around 80 percent (so an outdoor sauna).

We came back in sweating and I said, “you were a big help, thanks! Do you want

anything to drink buddy?”

He tells me no.

I say “are you sure? It was hot and I’m thirsty.”

He started to say no, then immediately stops, looks me dead in the eye and says

“Hi thirsty, I’m [kid’s name]. It’s nice to meet you!”

I am undone. I think I startled him with how much I laughed.