The day before their anniversary

Tom and Sarah had been married for over 20 years, and Tom was notorious for forgetting

anniversaries. Every year, Sarah would drop subtle hints about their upcoming anniversary, but Tom always managed to overlook them.

One year, Sarah decided she had had enough. She told Tom, “If you forget our anniversary this year, there will be serious consequences!”

The day before their anniversary, Tom’s colleague reminded him, “Don’t forget your anniversary tomorrow, Tom!”

Panicked, Tom rushed to the nearest store and bought a bouquet of flowers and a box of

chocolates. He returned home, feeling relieved that he hadn’t forgotten. As he entered the house, he found Sarah waiting for him with her arms crossed.

“Tom,” she said sternly, “I hope you remember what I told you.”

Tom sheepishly handed her the flowers and chocolates, saying, “Of course, darling! Happy Valentine’s Day!”