They were three men discussing

They were three men discussing how to make their wives to tell them if they cheated on them.

The first guy says: “I go home after work at night, lie on the couch, turn on the television and ask: ‘Woman you cheated on me today!’

‘Who, me my husband? Could I ever do such a thing?’
Pissed off as I am, I get up, put her down, punch her and in the end she can’t take it

anymore and admits: ‘I cheated on you with Nick…'”
The secong guy says: “I do exactly the same thing. I punch her and finally she says: ‘I

cheated on you with Jake…'”
The third guy says: “I have no problem at all. I go home, undress, put the sweat pants

on, light my cigarette on, I go out to the balcony, see the neighbor spreading clothes

and shout at her: ‘Mary! You are a whore!’

And then she starts saying: ‘I’m a whore? Or your wife who sleeps with John, Mark, Peter…!'”