Three men are waiting at the pearly gates

Three men are waiting at the pearly gates. when one of them asks the other two how they died.

“I came home early from work. When I walked in the door I could smell cigar smoke and my

wife was half naked. I knew she was cheating and sure enough when I looked out the window

there was the mailman smoking a cigar and smiling! I was so enraged that I grabbed the

fridge and threw it out the window. I immediately passed out. I must have had a heart attack!”

says the first man. The second replies “Wow, I was having a great day, walking my regular

postal route and smoking a cigar like I always do when I heard a window smash and suddenly I

was here!” The two men look at each other in realization. Then then look to the third man who

asked the question. “So there I was, naked in the fridge…”