Two Brothers Move to the City

Two Brothers Move to the City There were two brothers who lived in the country.

One day they decided they wanted to move to the big city and get jobs there. When they got there they went to the employment office to ask for jobs.

The first brother went in for an interview and less than 10 minutes later he comes out of the office jumping for joy yelling “hoo wee! I got a job!”

The second brother was so happy and excited for what he would get.

He enters the office and the interviewer asks him what his skills are.

“Well” he says, “I can cut and split wood like crazy”

The interviewer looks at him and says “Hmm, well it’s going to be hard to find a job in this city with those skills. Everything in the city is steel and concrete, we don’t have much use for a wood cutter”

Disheartened, the second brother says “but my brother was just in here and he got a job”

The interviewer says, “yes but he says he can pilot, and that’s a valuable skill”

The brother sits up in his chair and says, “that may be so, but he can’t pile’it ’till I cut it”