A man is crawling through the desert

A man is crawling through the desert, dying of thirst…
The desert is blazing hot, and he’s desperate for water. He comes upon a traveling merchant.

He crawls up to the merchant and says “water, please! Water! Water!”

The merchant says “I don’t have any. I’m a tie salesman. Would you like to buy a tie?” The guy

replies “No! I need water! I’m so thirsty! Water!”

The merchant says “Well I told you I don’t have any. But go west about 10 miles or so, and

there is a small inn where you can get water.” The guy crawls off. A couple of days go by, and

the guy comes crawling back to the merchant. He looks even worse than before.

The merchant asks “what’s wrong? Didn’t they give you water at the inn?”

The guy replies “they wouldn’t let me in without a tie.”