Bob goes for golfing and used

Bob goes to confession and says, “Bless me father for I have sinned. On Friday I went golfing and I used the “F” word.” The priest replies, “Tell me about it, my son”.

Bob says, “I was on the first tee, and I shanked a shot wide left”. The priest responds, “Oh, you must have said it then”. “No,” Bob says,” because the ball went into the woods, hit a tree, and

bounced back right into the middle of the fairway.”

The priest says, “And then what happened?” Bob went on, “I hit my second shot, and the ball went wide right”. The priest asks again, “So you said it then?” Bob replies, “No, because my

shot hit the ball washer machine on the next hole, popped up, and wound up right in the low rough”.

The rapidly becoming exasperated priest asks loudly, “Oh, so did you say it then?” “No, because I took my wedge and hit it, and it wound up on the green, about six inches from the

cup.” Bob replied.

The priest shouts, “Oh, lord! You missed that fuc*** put, didn’t you!”