There once was a very odd butcher

There once was a very odd butcher. He was a very good butcher, but he didn’t like handling chicken. In order to reduce the amount of chicken he would have to handle, he introduced a point system in his store.

Every time someone bought meat from another animal, they would accrue points. After getting enough points they could cash them in and buy chicken. He figured people wouldn’t buy

nearly enough to actually reach the required point total to make him regularly handle chicken.

He was wrong. Too many people were just buying cheap cuts in large amounts so they could get to the chicken, and then he’d have to handle a lot of chicken because everyone wanted

only white meat. This was the exact opposite of what he wanted.

So he changed the point system to award points only for buying the most expensive, per weight, thing in his store: his homemade sausages. This worked, many people were unable to

accrue enough points to get chicken on the regular. He was happy but the customers were not.

A bunch of customer came to complain, saying that they want chicken and he should sell it to them.

The butcher’s response?

“If you can’t handle me at my wurst, you don’t deserve me at my breast.”